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InvestorConnectAI Acquires CEORoadshow: Combining A.I. Technologies to Transform Investor Relations

ORLANDO, FL / MAY 23, 2023 – InvestorConnectAI, the first investor relations service powered by A.I. technologies, is pleased to announce its strategic acquisition of CEORoadshow, a prominent player in the investor relations industry. 

This milestone move positions CEORoadshow at the forefront of innovation by combining its expertise in investor relations with InvestorConnectAI’s cutting-edge A.I. capabilities. The acquisition aims to revolutionize the way companies engage with investors by leveraging advanced technologies to enhance targeting, communication, and overall investor relations effectiveness.

InvestorConnectAI offers a comprehensive suite of A.I.-powered services, including Virtual Roadshow webinars, video interviews, targeted online ads, targeted email and SMS campaigns, investor CRM, and A.I. lead targeting and marketing automation. These services enable companies to effectively target and connect with investors who are genuinely interested in their stock, expanding their shareholder base and increasing shareholder value.

With the acquisition of CEORoadshow, InvestorConnectAI now gains access to a wealth of industry expertise and a wide network of investor relations professionals. This synergistic partnership will shape the future of the investor relations landscape, empowering companies to achieve optimal investor outreach and engagement through the power of artificial intelligence.

“CEORoadshow is dedicated to helping companies excel in their investor relations efforts. With the acquisition by InvestorConnectAI, we are taking a major step forward in enhancing the way companies engage with investors,” said Mike Elliott, President at CEORoadshow. “By working with the InvestorConnectAI team of experienced professionals with deep expertise in finance, investor relations, and artificial intelligence we extend our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in our field and establishing long-term partnerships with our clients.”

The acquisition was financed by a private fund that owns InvestorConnectAI, underscoring their commitment to expanding their capabilities and offering cutting-edge solutions in the investor relations space.

For more information about InvestorConnectAI’s A.I.-powered investor relations services and to explore how they can benefit your company, visit their website at and take advantage of their personalized demonstrations.

About InvestorConnectAI:

InvestorConnectAI is a revolutionary A.I.-powered investor relations platform that helps companies optimize their investor outreach and engagement efforts. With advanced technology and data-driven insights, InvestorConnectAI enables companies to target the right investors, enhance engagement, and streamline their investor relations activities. To learn more about them, please visit their website at

About CEORoadshow:

CEORoadshow is a leading provider of Investor Relations solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of services to help publicly traded companies effectively engage with their investors. With a focus on innovation and leveraging advanced technologies, CEORoadshow empowers companies to optimize their investor communications and enhance shareholder value.

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Mike Elliott


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